The Quest begins…

With atmospheric cover art by Antonio Caparo

With atmospheric cover art by Antonio Caparo

Today’s the release day for my new book, THE FARWALKER’S QUEST— yay! To celebrate its first official day in the world, here are a few other firsts that go with it:

First line: Zeke’s tree wouldn’t speak to him.

First inspiration: In 2004, while training for a marathon, I was thinking how much I had loved LeGuin’s Earthsea books and wanted to work on a project in a world that I’d enjoy being in as much as I’d enjoyed Earthsea, because I needed somewhere else to send my thoughts during the crappy weather and hard miles. (I don’t think there are any Earthsea parallels in the story, but that longing got me started.)

First teen reader: Matt, the son of a friend. He was 13 at the time and thought the MC, Ariel, “should have more weapons.” (Sorry, Matt. IMO, it didn’t fit her character.)

First review: From Kirkus, which called the book an “absorbing fantasy” with “crisp dialogue, and exciting plot, and strong secondary characters.” No mention of weapons either way.

It’s also my first publication with Bloomsbury, my first book sold through an agent, and my first opportunity to do a sequel (which I just sold to Bloomsbury for 2010). I hope it won’t be the last!

We haven’t had a thread on quest stories, but I’ll start one in a few days, because before my original title, Farwalker, was modified for publication, it never occurred to me that this was a quest story. Hmm…

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6 responses to “The Quest begins…

  1. Congratulations, Joni!
    All very good firsts! I’ll totally look forward to buying/reading it!
    What’s the age range?

  2. Parker Peevyhouse

    Happy first day!

  3. Bloomsbury says 8-12. I’d probably start at 9, but I suppose they know what they’re talking about. (And I was a bit shocked when a friend’s 8-year-old read and enjoyed my last book, which was slated for 12 and up, so I suppose it all just depends on the kid.)

    I’ve got an ARC giveaway going on that I hope will send a few folks here as well… :-)

  4. Congrats! I love adding more books to my TBR pile :)

  5. Hooray for quest stories, and hooray for you and your new book!!!

  6. Here’s hoping there are many more sequels in your future, Joni! And lol on the “more weapons” comment.

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