Right Now in Speculative Fiction

Today marks the start of Flycon 2009, an online worldwide convention where different aspects of speculative fiction will be discussed in realtime. Check out this panel on “When in YA not for YAs?” at 9am Pacific time (noon Eastern) TODAY. The schedule for lots of other panels can be found here.

The New York Times has decided to take comics seriously–they’ve created a Graphic Books Best Seller list. Coming in at #1 on the hardcover list: Starman Omnibus, Vol. 2 by James Robinson and Tony Harris (DC Comics). And #1 on the softcover list, predictably: Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (DC Comics).

Teachers! Do you know teens who couldn’t put down Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games?  They might want to enter this essay contest for a chance to have lunch with Collins and her editors in New York City. The winner and 100(!) runners up will also receive an ARC of the much-anticipated sequel, Catching Fire, which releases in September 2009. The contest runs from March 16 to May 15.

Tonight at 11:59pm our Friday the 13th Giveaway closes! Leave a comment on this post (telling us what you’d like to see on The Spectacle) in order to be entered to win The Graveyard Book and an advance reader’s copy of The Farwalker’s Quest.

cherylicon Parker Peevyhouse wishes she were a teen so she could get her hands on an ARC of Catching Fire.

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5 responses to “Right Now in Speculative Fiction

  1. I’d love an ARC of Catching Fire! Talk about an anticipated book for the year.

  2. I checked out the YA discussion on Fancon; some issues brought up that would probably be fun to talk about here. Like: Why have the huge sellers in the past decade (e.g., Harry, Twilight) been fantasy and not some other genre? Is fantasy escapist? Is fantasy the only genre that still really tackles good vs. evil? How do you balance the mores of the book’s culture vs. the mores of the reader’s culture when it comes to things like whether a 16-year-old is considered an adult?

  3. Laura Koenig

    Yep, I’m pretty much forcing my teenage sister to enter – and then hopefully share the ARC with me!

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