Stump the Bookseller

It’s time for another round of Stump the Bookseller, in which you show off your sleuthing skills to help find a particular novel of speculative fiction for young readers. You don’t have to be a bookseller to play, but the winner will be bestowed with the title

Super Bookseller Sleuth

Here are your clues:magnifying_glass

  • This is a brand new fantasy novel by a debut author
  • It’s the first in a series about some kind of kingdom
  • The author has a very short name
  • The title has something to do with a mythical creature
  • The girl on the cover looks like she’s about to pull a Crouching Tiger

ETA: Martha Flynn is our new Super Bookseller Sleuth. To see her answer…

Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon


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12 responses to “Stump the Bookseller

  1. Could you be referencing Cindy Pon’s Silver Phoenix? I’m so excited for it!

  2. Jay Lake’s “Green” gets my vote!

  3. allegore

    Wahoo for Cindy!

  4. ARGH!!! I knew this one before I even read all the clues! Aw, shucks! ;)

  5. I love, love, love the book trailer.

  6. We’re all getting so fast at these! I think that’s hilarious! What a great way to remind us of old faves and get us excited about new stuff (and she IS pulling a crouching tiger, I think!).

  7. thanks for making my debut such
    a mystery! =D

  8. Lesley

    YAY Cindy!!!!

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