Feed Your Brain

Because I am in luuurve with SCBWI (they helped me get my first book published) and because we can always learn, no matter what our phase in life, I recommend to our avid spec fic writers (and writers in general) a wonderful learning opportunity:
The 38th Annual SCBWI Summer Conference, August 7-10
Holly Black, Kathleen Duey,  and Ingrid Law are on faculty, ladies and gents!
Some of the workshops include:
Examining the Strange: The Basics of Fantasy Writing (Holly Black)
Writing Magic: From the Head to the Heart (Ingrid Law)
Transmutation: Books That Matter (Kathleen Duey)

Registration opened May 5, and the hotel rooms fill up fast, so if you’re interested, get cracking!

joiconJo Whittemore

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11 responses to “Feed Your Brain

  1. I so wish I was going to this. But alas, I went to the NYC conference this year, and I just can’t swing for another flight to a coast. But next summer, I am there.

  2. I wish I was too! Too many other things going on during that time. But you’ll have a blast!

  3. It is very hard to make all the conferences. I missed NYC WAH!!!

    For LA, keep track of the SCBWI livebloggers. All I know is that Alice Pope (who edits/creates CWIM) will be in charge. So it should be awesome.) Pester her for details here: http://cwim.blogspot.com/

    • Well…um…I certainly hope you make it to this one! Hehe. :o)
      And yes, Alice does an excellent job with her updates.

      • She has a fair-sized crew this time–she will be co-ordinating.

        I speak last, which is an astonishing (as in the old sense of “turn to stone”) responsibility. I am imagining the speech now. I was going to sing something as well as talk, but that seems too frivolous for that last slot…

        I missed last year to a deadline and felt like I had missed my annual family picnic.

  4. Kathleen, I hear you on the family vibe. I had to live vicariously through everyone else last year.
    Your speech will be awesome. Don’t sweat it!
    I mean, based on the success of your books, you MIGHT have a way with words. :o)
    But if you wanted to throw in some singing and softshoe dance, it couldn’t hurt.

  5. Do you sing harmonies? Just asking….

  6. Parker Peevyhouse

    I wish I were going. I went a few years ago and really liked it. So many people. And everyone I talked to was so nice.

    Sorry I’ll be missing your duet :)

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