Right Now in Speculative Fiction

I’m not the only one intrigued by book covers. InterGalatic Medicine Show contrasts the British and American covers of fantasy novels here, and Sarah Rees Brennan does the same with YA fantasy novels here. What’s up with all the red and black, anyway?hunger-games-1

And speaking of Sarah Rees Brennan, if you loved her novel THE DEMON’S LEXICON, you can find a related, spoiler-free short story on her livejournal. As if that will tide you over until the sequel…

Author Patrick Jones talks about edgy YA fiction on YALSA’s blog, saying that teen lit is “catching up with the music. The influence of rap and hip-hop culture washes over every part of teen life, so that it would finally find its way into book isn’t a surprise.” Read more here.

A lot of writers are chiming in on author John Green’s blog post about large advances being a bad thing. And editor Andrew Karre gives his take here, saying that what really needs to change is the relationship between publisher and retailer.twitter

Itching to get your hands on CATCHING FIRE, sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES? Lauren Barnholdt is giving away an ARC, but your chance to enter is almost over! Head over to her website by Wednesday, July 8.

Plus, the Class of 2k9 is hosting HUGE giveaway–we’re talking tweleve books, including an ARC of Ellen Jensen Abbott’s WATERSMEET, about a land all magic people are being purged from. (Ends July 14th).valiant

Because I know you all are as excited about the next Harry Potter movie as I am (July 15th–hyperventilating!), here’s a link to a behind the scenes featurette for The Half-Blood Prince. And because I know you’re already thinking about the next next Harry Potter movie, here’s an article on Geeks of Doom about which point in the story The Deathly Hallows will be split into two movies.

cheryliconParker Peevyhouse will be very busy on July 15th.

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6 responses to “Right Now in Speculative Fiction

  1. Great links!

    And obligatory **fangirl squee!!!** for Harry Potter mention!!

  2. Those are some WICKED good covers. Interesting distinction between US and UK sensibilities — definitely they like a lot of foil here!

    • Parker Peevyhouse

      The UK cover for Twilight weirds me out. I’m pretty sure Bella isn’t supposed to look so… European.

  3. Oh, I totally forgot about the HP movie! I’m thinking about Ice Age 3 which I’ll no doubt see first (kid’s choice).

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