Right Now in Speculative Fiction

I might have been the last person to hear that THE HUNGER GAMES is getting the film treatment (with Suzanne Collins herself writing the screenplay!) but it’s only been about a week and a half since Variety announced that Disney will make Aprilynne Pike’s WINGS into a Miley Cyrus movie. WINGS, written by an acquaintance of Stephanie Meyer’s, is about a girl who realizes she’s turning into a fairy. No word on whether this fairy will sing in the movie…wings

Some British authors, including Philip Pullman of THE GOLDEN COMPASS fame, are angry about a new vetting process planned for authors who visit schools. Pullman has called the plan, which is meant to keep students safe from sexual predators, “outrageous, demeaning and insulting.” Pullman said if plans go through, he won’t speak in schools again.

Tor.com is serializing LITTLE BROTHER author Cory Doctorow’s new novel MAKERS before the book hits stores in November. So… get it free now or pay later–or do both!

The same website is also doing an interesting series on maps from fantasy novels. Included so far: maps from THE HOBBIT, A WIZARD OF EARTHSEA, and THE DEATHGATE CYCLE.


What exactly takes place when a writer gets to work? Not a whole lot of writing, according to this article, in a which a writer admits how he really spends his “writing” time. (Mostly eating toast and surfing the internet–sounds all too familiar).

For the writer nervous about doing a public reading, here’s some advice from THE GRAVEYARD BOOK author Neil Gaiman, who “casts” characters in his head to make his voice more interesting.

So many awesome books are yours for the winning:

Suzanne Collins’ THE HUNGER GAMES and its sequel CATCHING FIRE, about teens trying to stop an annual battle to the death, at HeyLady.net until July 31.

Alyson Noel’s EVERMORE and its sequel BLUE MOON, about the magical dimension of Summerland, at Fantastic Book Review until July 23.

Lisa Mantchev’s EYES LIKE STARS, about a girl’s life at the fantastical Theatre Illuminata, also at Fantastic Book Review until July 24.

Pam Bachorz’s CANDOR, about a boy’s struggle againt the subliminal messages that control his town, at the author’s website until July 25.

cheryliconParker Peevyhouse once used sublimnal messages to win a battle to the death.

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2 responses to “Right Now in Speculative Fiction

  1. Lots of interesting stuff, Parker! And I loved the Deathgate Cycle series. Thanks for the reminder of it!

  2. The bit about the British vetting process is pretty interesting, too. I thought US society was the most paranoid in the world, but they get the prize on this one.

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