Chilly August Giveaway


HauntedNeed some shivers to take the edge off your summer’s heat? Enter to win a copy of Chris Eboch’s brand new THE GHOST ON THE STAIRS, the first in her middle-grade series, HAUNTED. (See our recent interview with Chris for more info.)

And to go with that theme, you’ve got to share your goosebumps with the rest of us, too. To enter, leave a comment in this thread with a brief spooky occurrence. If it’s happened to you, great! If you’ve no ghouls in your life, well… make something up. Or borrow somebody else’s. We just thought some fright might be fun.

We’ll announce the winner on August 15.

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15 responses to “Chilly August Giveaway

  1. jude

    When I was camping with friends, one of them said the zipper to her tent kept getting pulled up all night even though there was no one near her tent. That was our last night camping in that spot!

  2. I don’t remember it, but when I was very young, an aunt I was close to died fairly unexpectedly. My mom came in to wake me up and tell me, but she says that as soon as she touched my shoulder, I sat up straight in bed, looked her in the eyes, and told her that I already knew Aunt Teena had died. It sure freaked her out!

  3. Llehn

    I was in the house with my cousin the day after my uncle passed away. The front door open suddenly, blown the wind. My cousin’s dog jumped up to his feet and stared at something in the air, then started wagging his tail and barking affectionately. The incident sure made all the hairs on my arms stand.

  4. I was 15 when my grandfather passed away suddenly. Two nights after his funeral, I went in to check on my mom who was asleep and exhausted in her room. For some reason I got a chill and the hairs on my arms stood straight up. Standing next to the bed over her was a shape-it was actually more like a cloud with what appeared to be mini lightning bolts surrounding it. I screamed and refused to enter the room, my mom woke up and she saw it too. She figured it was her dad letting her know he’d gone to the other side and that he was ok. Little by little it faded away into the darkness of the room until it was gone several minutes later. I was pretty freaked out, but I know now that whatever it was meant us no harm and was trying to tell us that everything was going to be fine.

  5. Kourtnie McKenzie

    I had a roommate that convinced all of us once that the watchtower at Knotts Berry Farm was haunted. This evolved into a haunting at the Knotts residence, and then a haunting at the burned down dinosaur ride. He claimed a little girl was burned alive on the theme park ride and, when you cleaned it in the middle of the night, you could hear her screaming in the darkest corners of the place.

  6. Nothing has ever happened to me, but I once spent a summer doing archaeology at a haunted farm in Iceland. Our farm, named Cold Banks, and the farm across the river, Sunny Side, had had a feud several hundred years earlier, and a spirit had been raised that they sent back and forth for years. Finally the two farms agreed to a truce, and buried the spirit near where we were digging. Some years before we arrived, the uncle of our farmer had searched for it, found a slab of black stone just were it was supposed to be, and promptly had a near fatal stroke….We did not extend our units in that direction.

    The thing that really annoyed us was that Sunny Side really was a heck of a lot sunnier than our Cold Bank side.

    There was also a stone mound, with an upside down tree trunk stuck in it, called the Devil’s Hoofprint, out in the field. I never did find out what that was all about.

  7. One morning I was in bed waiting for my alarm to go off. I was awake but my eyes were closed. Suddenly I heard someone whisper something in my ear, words I couldn’t quite make out. My eyes shot open and I sat right up, but there was no one there.

  8. In my late teens, I chased a guy in the woods who had been spying on my sister and her friend. He ducked behind a tree, but never emerged on the other side. When I reached the tree, he was gone–no tracks to be seen anywhere. Creepy sh*t.

  9. When I was little, we used to visit my great aunt’s house high on a bluff in Indiana, overlooking a river. My brother and I slept in a huge bedroom on the second floor, and there were transoms above the door to the hallway and also to an adjoining bedroom which, for some reason, we never entered. We used to see creepy lights through the transoms … some may have been reflections from tugboats on the river, but some were never explained! I used to make up ghost stories to scare my brother. Only later did we learn that the house has long been rumored to be haunted. In fact, it is featured in More Haunted Hoosier Trails by Wanda Lou Willis.

  10. Chelsea

    I had a ghost that lived in my mother’s bedroom closet that would “Meow.” I know this sounds rediculous but the ghost sounded like a human saying “Meow.” My mother was so freaked out that she slept on the couch for 2 weeks.

  11. When I was 9 my great-grandmother died and we ended up moving into her farm house. When she was alive she would not go upstairs, claiming it was haunted. However, my grandmother was deaf and slept peacefully up there. The upstairs bedrooms were for my sisters and myself. The largest room had a large walk-in closet that ran the entire length of the room. When we had to go to the closet we would have to reach behind the curtain at the top to turn the light on. You could usually count on feeling a cold clammy hand touch you. You could hear footsteps walking around in the room at night. The stairway had a light switch at the top and bottom of the stairs. You remember the ones that made the real loud click? You would get about three steps down from the top and hear the switch click off. I was terrified of the upstairs. For punishment my father would send us to bed alone and early. I didn’t get punished too often. Too scary.

  12. rubymoon

    I had a furry animal run in front of my car on a dark country road in Wisconsin. It ran upright like a person with long arms hanging down. A quick sprint from one side of the road to the other. That wasn’t an area famous for bigfoot–so to this day I still wonder what I saw.

  13. Lisa

    I was visiting my husband’s family in Morocco and we’d been in the family hammam (like a steam bath). The rest of the family was asleep, but my husband and I were still up late and we both very clearly heard someone turn on the faucet in the hammam, water pouring, the faucet shutting off, then a bucket of water being dumped out! We told my mother-in-law about it later and she said the djinn sometimes use the hammam late at night… spectral viewings are not that uncommon in their neighborhood, evidently!

  14. Most of my spooky occurences are thinking I see something near me…but that’s not really a good story, huh? Well, I lived with a friend for a month when I was younger and apparently their house is haunted. One of the girls there said they were sleeping when they were younger and heard footsteps on the stairs coming up…they thought it was their mom, but it wasn’t…


  15. etirv

    When I was a child, we were having dinner and I saw an old lady going down our stairs… but no one else saw her, only I did — and I can’t forget that moment to this day!

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