Zombies vs. Vampires vs. Were-things vs. Pixies

I had a great time this past weekend attending the Austin Teen Book Festival here in Austin, Texas. There were some amazing authors in attendance and it was quite impressive to be in the presence of so many famousy famous YA writers (Justine Larbalestier, Heather Brewer, Daniel Waters, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Libba Bray and more more more)!

I was only able to stay for one panel (bummer!), but it was a good one: Zombie vs. Vampires. The panelists were Carrie Jones, Daniel Waters, Heather Brewer and Cynthia Leitich Smith.

While I was listening to merits of glamoring vs. full-on brain eating, I wondered what you guys would have to say about all of this. So I’m opening the field a little here and asking, what do you think?

In a fight between zombies, vampires, were-things and scary pixies, who do you think would come out victorious? Who would make you pee your pants a little with fright?

How about a little pro/con chart for each of the creatures:

Pros: super strong; create more minions as they attack; can fight in the daytime
Cons: do not sparkle in the sun, or ever; kind of slow; not smart

Pros: don’t need a mob to be effective; smart; have that glamor thing going for them
Cons: Sunlight; being way too emo

Pros: fast; violent; crazy
Cons: only a were-thing at certain times of the month; fleas

Scary Pixies
Pros: some of them can fly; soul-sucking; attractive
Cons: distracted by shiny things; confused with faeries

It’s a fantasy creature smackdown! Let us know which undead/fanged/furry/pretty critter would prevail… and who you would run from the fastest.

zombie_kari KA Holt is an unabashed fan of zombies, though she admits they can be kind of slow on a variety of levels.

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8 responses to “Zombies vs. Vampires vs. Were-things vs. Pixies

  1. I enjoyed that panel, too, because I’m already a fan of Carrie Jones and Cynthia Leitich Smith. But I now know that Heather Brewer is charasmatic (and MUCH loved, judging by the number of striped shirts I saw) and Dan Brewer is pretty funny. It was an excellent group to choose.

  2. Parker Peevyhouse

    Nice picture, Kari!

    And I guess I need to read up on Pixies because I no nothing about them.

  3. I’m thinking vampires, but only if they have the trusty Zombie Survival Guide. They’ve got acute minds (okay, some of them do), so they can make the zombies come to them, and then…. OFF with their heads.

    And since vampires are already undead, what’s a zombie bite going to manage?

    • You bring up an excellent point, Jay. A zombie bite probably wouldn’t do much to a vampire, would it? Though maybe if there was a pack of zombies they could dismember the vampire and buy themselves some time.

      Then again, the vampires probably could care less about the zombies because zombies have no blood. Unless zombie goo is like a chalky protein bar food product thing for vampires. But probably not.

      I still like to imagine a Sharks vs. Jets zombie/vampire rumble, though. A good turf war sounds awesome.

  4. Zombies are the scariest to me since no matter how bumbling they are, they always seem to have the power of numbers. Plus they’re gross looking.
    Oh, nice pic, btw :)

  5. C.L.

    Humans would definitely win out over all of them, but they’re not in the fight in the first place, so I guess it would probably be a toss up between the pixies and the were-animals.

    Zombies, while super strong, are dumb and the pre-frontal cortex of the average were-thing would knock that one out of the park.

    Vampires, while smooth and fast, etc. are hyper-allergic to sunlight. One good bolt of Vitamin D producing radiation and they’re toast. So, all the were-thing has to do is lock themselves up for the night, and then let the sun shine in.

    Now, the real rumble would occur. The whole soul stealing thing would be difficult to combat, but if the were-beast had a really big fly zapper, he/she would have it in the bag.

  6. LaWanica Weathers

    Hmmm…I’m going to go with a NCAA bracket approach.

    Round One: Vampires vs. Zombies

    Winner: Zombies

    The living dead take this purely based on the fact that they can endure sunlight. They can easily increase their numbers during the day while the vamps are either sleeping in a coffin, bursting into flame, or admiring their gorgeous physique slathered in Victoria’s Secret glitter lotion. Once the sun goes down, they’ll be outnumbered, and besides, no vampire wants zombie drool all over their Manolo Blahniks.

    Round One: Were-Things vs Scary Pixies

    Winner: Scary Pixies

    Have you ever watched a dog chase a patch of reflected light around the room? That’s what we’re dealing with, kids. The Were-baddies will be so captivated by their shiny new playthings that they’ll forget that these toys are scary pixies who will suck out their soul once the moon is full no more.

    Championship Round: Zombies vs Scary Pixies

    Scary Pixies

    Zombies slow reaction time physically and mentally really puts them at a disadvantage. However, they’re devoid of a soul for scary pixies to take, and all that drab, tattered gray that zombies wear will certainly bore the pixies. So, I take it back to what these creatures can do to their victims.

    The scary pixies win because sucking souls is a lot scarier than sucking brains.

  7. dashiella

    hey just wondering how’s the whole soul sucking thing work

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