More Roundtable Discussion: Revisions

It wouldn’t quite fit in our last post, so here’s another viewpoint about revisions from Jo Whittemore, author of ESCAPE FROM ARYLON and other books in her trilogy, The Silverskin Legacy:

The most challenging editorial changes are still ongoing for a pet project of mine. It’s currently sitting on the backburner, however, while I work on other projects that I’ve already got hammered out. It’s caught somewhere between MG and YA, so I’m working to balance it out to be more MG. What makes it so difficult is that the original version/much of the character action was based on a YA world (driver’s ed, etc), so not only do I have to age down the characters and their language, but I have to alter their situations to suit a new set of circumstances.

(Whew, that DOES sound like a tough revision.)

How about you, readers? What have been your toughest revision challenges — and did you discover any secrets for completing them?

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One response to “More Roundtable Discussion: Revisions

  1. I’m currently refiltering 7 adult and child POVs through 3 child POVs (one of whom is a new character). Lots of new text. A challenge to figure out which child is the best voice to present a given piece of information.

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