In the event you’ve read my books (THE EMERALD TABLET and THE NAVEL OF THE WORLD), you know that the kids in them have extra awesome brain powers that let them do things normal (human) kids wouldn’t be able to do. These include telepathy (mind reading), telekinesis (moving things without touching them), and telegnosis (which I stretch a bit to be the ability to find lost objects and even to see the past/future).  I love these powers. The idea of the brain developing enough to make them possible has always fascinated me, and hopefully fascinates kids, too.

Every time I do a school visit, I ask the kids which they’d rather have: TELEPATHY or TELEKINESIS.

Most  kids? They pick telepathy.

Me? I’m thinking I don’t really want to know what people are thinking of me. The idea that thoughts which are broadcast out into the world could be picked up and heard by others is so invasive. (Luckily, telejamming is also a skill the kids in my world have – they can learn to block mind reading, etc).

In a world where telekinesis was the norm, would humans get lazy? Have we already gotten lazy in other ways, and this would be just one more to add to the list? If we never had to get up off our butts and move anything, would our muscles atrophy beyond all use? Or would telekinesis be hard too, sometimes to the point where getting up and moving something with out hands would simply be easier all the way around?

And which would you rather have: TELEPATHY or TELEKINESIS?

pjhoover_casual1 PJ Hoover knows what you’re thinking right now :)

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27 responses to “TELEPATHY or TELEKINESIS

  1. I suspect kids think telepathy would be great because, despite bullies and teasing and so forth, they’re young enough to still be somewhat innocent about deceptions and what others around them are thinking. ;)

    I’m wanting the telekinesis, but you have a good point about laziness. Except, yeah — conservation of energy would suggest that it would be HARD.

  2. Well, as usual you and I are thinking alike. :) I wouldn’t want telepathy because of that invasion of privacy thing. But I also know how I can gravitate toward laziness, so I’m not sure telekinesis would be good for me.

    But if I had to choose between the two, it would definitely be telekinesis. :)

  3. Ooh, I have telepathy and telekinesis in a book I’m almost done with. I’ve been writing about the world for 16 years. I think both would have their advantages… but telekinesis is probably a little more useful on a general level. (I was always wishing I was telekinetic when I worked retail and I had to reach for things on tall shelves, lol.)

  4. I would much rather have telekinesis. I frequently try “wingardiam leviosa” (however it’s spelled) to move things, but it rarely works. OK, it’s never worked yet, but I remain hopeful.

    I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to know what other people are thinking most of the time…

  5. I don’t want either. I want telegnosis so I can find all the stuff I misplace. And, hey, what about lost treasure?

  6. Parker Peevyhouse

    Ah, another one of those weird things I stress over even though I will never have either telepathy OR telekinesis.

    With telepathy, I fear I would always be obsessed with what others are thinking. It would either drive me mad or I would completely stop caring. BUT it would be so much harder to ignore people who were sad, etc.–I’d probably feel like I had to help everyone I encountered with every problem they had.

    As for telekinesis, I fear it would take away my only form of exercise–chasing a toddler. I would probably just use my powers to keep him on an invisible leash… but then I’d get really lazy. And probably it would freak people out.

  7. telekinesis all the way baby. I would not want to poke around anybody else’s head. Mine’s crazy enough.

  8. The thought of telepathy fills me with horror. If my children could hear some of the things I think in times of dark stress, they’d be in therapy for the rest of their lives……….

  9. merbear

    Telekinsis for me, please! I mean, then I’d never have to get off the couch to grab the remote when it’s all the way on the other side of the room. Or turn off the lights at night. The list could go on and on… I may get too lazy at some point, but I’d still love to play sports and go running to clear my head, so I doubt I’d end up a couch potato :)

  10. Natalie Aguirre

    I would love telekinesis. I don’t think it would make me lazy, just help get some of my chores done quicker. It’d be awesome in the kitchen to just direct everything to cook and then clean up the kitchen.

  11. Definitely telekinesis so I could write and have a clean house, too.

  12. Ashleigh

    I would like telepathy, I could persuade my sister to let me choose what we watch on TV for once (i presume telepathy includes planting ideas in peoples heads as well) :D

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