I recently read INCARCERON by Catherine Fisher. I’d heard good things about it and read it, kind of unsure what it was going to be about. I knew it had to do with a prison and a futuristic world where people are living in a simulation of a historical era like Victorian England. So I was definitely intrigued.

But then the opening chapter confused me for a bit, feeling more adult than YA. But I’m glad I kept reading because events and characters developed fast and fascinating. I’m being careful not to say much since there are twists and surprises in this book unlike any other I’ve read. It’s in the genre of HUNGER GAMES and I was totally wowed by this book.

Toward the end, I couldn’t stop reading and felt breathless waiting for the climax. And I was NOT disappointed. I was so impressed that I immediately went online and searched out a British version of #2 SAPPHIQUE and ordered it since I don’t want to wait till December to find out what happens next.

Who else is reading Incarceon? What are your thoughts?
Linda Joy Singleton

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11 responses to “Book Talk: INCARCERON

  1. I am usually SO BUMMED that all the great American books are so slow to get here, but I can report with glee that I read INCARCERON two years ago! And I already read the sequel!!!!

    Okay, enough gloating. I ADORED that book. It was unexpected and I just kept sinking deeper and deeper into the unexpected twists and turns. I really hadn’t read anything like it. I imagine it’ll be made into a movie (and totally ruined) — it was the kind of thing that sparks interest from different types of readers.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of the sequel!

    • Parker Peevyhouse

      You’ve read the sequel? Lucky. Did you like it as much as you liked the first?

    • Guest

      I read that someone already purchased the film rights for it. I also heard it’ll come out in 2013 (not sure about that last part though).

  2. I read it and quickly ordered the sequel, too.
    And yes, I loved it. It had the feel of adult fantasy to me, and trying to put my finger on it, I think it’s due to the lack of a strong romantic plotline. I felt like I’d slipped into something I’d find on the SFF aisle and not the YA aisle. What do you guys think?

  3. I’m only a couple chapters in so I can’t say much about it yet. I also found the first chapter a bit confusing, but I’m happy to plug along, especially with all the amazing things I’ve heard about this book!

  4. Natalie Aguirre

    I loved it as I went on too, especially as I got to the last third of the book. P.J. perhaps it felt more adult because it started out so dark and with a possible death near the beginning. The world was really depressing from the start.

  5. I’ve already received SAPPHIQUE from but will wait to read it as my “trip” book in May when we go on a cruise. If it’s as good as INCARCERON, it’ll keep my mind off flying (scared flyer).

    I think I read a book by C. Fisher years ago but didn’t like it much (??) and now realize I like her writing. Which other books by her are recommended?

    • Parker Peevyhouse

      I haven’t read any other books by her either but am curious to know if anyone is crazy about her earlier work.

      • CORBENIC blew me away emotionally — it’s not exactly a pleasant read nor an easy one, but a very dark, very complex novel, heavy with symbolism and unlike almost anything I’ve read. The ORACLE trilogy is good quasi-historical adventure with a bit of an INDIANA JONES feel at times; I may have to re-read that one to appreciate it properly. I couldn’t really get into the SNOW-WALKER trilogy, but that may just be me — I couldn’t pinpoint anything actually wrong with it. I admit to admiring Fisher’s prose a great deal, but not connecting with any of her stories on a really deep level or getting wildly excited about them except for INCARCERON.

  6. Oh, glad you liked it–I’ve heard mixed reviews of it, but really want to read.

  7. I love this book with a fanatical devotion. I just finished reading it out loud to my 9 year old son, and although he was a bit confused by it at first (since Fisher just drops you wholesale into her world and expects you to wait for her to parcel out necessary information a bit at a time), he soon got sucked right in and would moan whenever I stopped at the end of a chapter.

    Now we’re onto Book 2, SAPPHIQUE — he’s enjoying it as well, though there was a near-mutiny when he thought that his favorite character wasn’t going to show up in that one.

    This will be my third time reading each of the books, and I’m glad that I’m reading every word this time, instead of racing through them pell-mell the way I did the first couple of times. I’ve picked up so many nuances I missed before! Also, I thought I might be a bit of a fringe loony for madly shipping Jared/Claudia, but now I realize it’s the most canonical quasi-romantic relationship in the book. Now all I need is some really good fanfic* and I’m set.

    * I know some people (and some authors) have the vapours about fanfic, but Catherine Fisher has gone on record inviting her fans to continue the stories for themselves if they want to know what happens next, so if that isn’t a Licence to Fic I don’t know what is…

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