The Magical History Tour

I know many Rick Riordan fans were waiting with great anticipation for The Kane Chronicles #1: The Red Pyramid, which was released on May 4. No doubt some young readers have devoured the book multiple times by now. You can see my complete review for The New York Journal of Books.

You can also read an interview with Rick Riordan on Shelf Awareness, where he discusses the teaching elements of a book that draws on ancient Egyptian history and culture.

The Kane Chronicles premise — young people find out they have an important, mysterious lineage and magical powers — is far from original. Harry Potter, the Charlie Bone series, The Children of the Lamp series (about children who learn that they are genies), and Riordan’s own Percy Jackson series are just some of the Kane Chronicles predecessors. But it’s a formula that works, for who wouldn’t love to discover that they are secretly someone important, with magic powers? The Kane Chronicles doubles its kid appeal with the ancient Egyptian angle. There is something about ancient Egypt that speaks to kids (and many adults) all these thousands of years later.

Magic and history, history and magic… hmmm….

If you could have magic powers, what would they be?

If you could travel to an ancient culture, which one would be your first choice?

If you could take on the powers of a magician from an ancient culture, what culture would you choose? Does that change your answer to do the first two questions?

Chris Eboch with Haunted books

Chris Eboch with her Haunted books

Chris Eboch grew up in Saudi Arabia, which may be why she hankers for a magic genie lamp.

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3 responses to “The Magical History Tour

  1. Parker Peevyhouse

    I would stick with ancient Egypt. The pyramids and the Sphinx and all those secret passageways have a serious draw.

  2. I’m thinking Egypt too–but specifically, the library of Alexandria, with the magical ability to read and remember all the writings contained therein!

    Although I’d also really really like to see the Colossus of Rhodes…and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon…

  3. Natalie Aguirre

    I would love a wand and spells. I could get so much more done. I’m not too keen on traveling into the past. I don’t think most women were treated that well.

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