Counting Down to MOCKINGJAY

School Library Journal recently interviewed Suzanne Collins about her upcoming finale to the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay. Reading about Suzanne Collins didn’t make me simply want to reread her books – - I found myself longing to meet her and become her friend. I admire how she worked hard with other writing jobs for many years until trying fiction and then falling in love with the format. I love fiction and always have. While I write non-fiction articles occasionally, fiction is the true calling of my heart.

And the characters in Suzanne’s series (HUNGER GAMES & GREGOR) touched my heart. I can’t tell you exactly why; it’s the subtle magic in her voice and writing style. Her characters make you love them and root for them the way sports’ fans root for favorite teams. Passion, anxiety, adoration — all combined to keep readers flipping pages to make sure beloved characters succeed and survive. When I first read HUNGER GAMES, I could hardly breathe as I worried about Katniss and Peeta. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the book since it made me feel so anxious…but then Suzanne delivered an ending that outdid my expectations.

Speaking of expectations, one line in Suzanne’s interview troubled me. Read the interview, and you’ll know which one I mean. It’s when she compares her story to mythology and the tragedies of war. My first thought was “Oh, no! She wouldn’t do that…would she?” But then I put myself in her place, as an author with a crazy-popular book, and I thought I might tease readers just a little. Still, I am a little worried for Peeta and Gale. It’s like in the Harry Potter books when Voldemort says to “kill the spare.” Katniss has a spare boyfriend. So I do worry…and won’t relax until MOCKINGJAY comes out on August 24th.

I am counting the days.

Linda Joy Singleton

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5 responses to “Counting Down to MOCKINGJAY

  1. Hmm . . . she also mentions Sparticus and compares him to Katniss . . . then she mentions that he ended up dying . . .

    Yeah, one more week is too long to wait for the end. ;-)

  2. There will be massive competition in my house to be the first to read the book. Brilliant comparison, by the way, to Voldemort’s words. Yikes!

  3. Natalie Aguirre

    Okay, you’ve got me worried too. I can’t wait to read this.

  4. Yeah, when I read that part about Spartacus I got kind of worried for Katniss…yikes!

    • Well if you use the GREGOR books as comparison, the romantic aspect (minor in Gregor but still present) ended on a sad parting but both still lived and as a reader I felt they’d see each other again in the future. But the rat mentor–sort of the Haymitch role–died. Some close friends died, but not Gregor’s family. Also at the end of Gregor, he thinks bitterly of war and its consequences; a similar theme as the Hunger Games.

      MOCKINGJAY will be out soon and we’ll know who lives and dies. I’m eager–and afraid!–to find out.

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