A spec fic soundtrack

Before getting a published, I created a music blog. Four years later, and I still post almost daily. Me being me, I relate things heavily to music, both in life and fiction.

Yet I find it very difficult to write with music playing. The quieter, the better. I’m easily distracted that way. Still, music is a huge influence in my writing (and in my reading, too). I often construct mental soundtracks for books I’m writing or reading. Nothing creates mood like music.

For sci-fi, it’s gotta be symphonic, synth-flavored rock music. Something like Muse, before they went all Twilight. Dramatic, electronic sweeps. Lots of crescendos. I’m all about the drama. Or, for those more thoughtful books… icy, moody electronica.

I know a number of writers are into this, even posting a tracklist for the “soundtrack” to their work on their website or blog. So I wonder, what music do you associate with different spec-fic books? The Hunger Games? Ender’s Game? Feed? And what about you published authors? Is there a song or songs that influence your work? And do you work with music playing? I’ve known writers who crank up instrumental soundtracks while drafting action scenes. I’ve never tried that personally, but it could be an interesting experiment.

Nick lives in a world where growing up and becoming an author is every bit as cool as being a rockstar.

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  1. I know this is totally odd and slightly off topic, but when I was a kid I bought Frank Herbert’s Dune and Paul Simon’s Negotiations and Love Songs at the same time so I was listening to one while reading the other. Thus, You Can Call me Al and 50 Ways to Leave your Lover will forever be on the Dune soundtrack of my mind.

    The exact same thing happened to me with Catcher in the Rye and Bob Marley’s Legend. I kid you not.

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