Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars

Alright, this will be the most shameless post I’ve written, and I promise not to make a habit out of it, but it’s not every day you get to reveal the cover for your book… especially your debut. So I wanted to share with you my awesome, hot-off-the-presses cover for the first book in my Skyship Academy series. It will be released in September of this year, and I’m very excited!

I’ve set up a facebook fan page to keep readers in the loop. I’ve got lots of fun stuff planned, so make sure to “like” it!
There’s also more information about the book on my newly launched website.

Finally, I want to link back to my Spectacle debut, an interview I did with Joni last March.

As a closing note, I’ve got to say that working with my publisher, Flux, on this cover was an absolute joy. I was allowed input from the start and they updated throughout the process, from the initial comp (a sort of rough draft idea of the concept) to the final version.

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7 responses to “Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars

  1. WOW!~
    Nick, congratulations!!!!!!!
    You must just be so excited!!!
    What an evocative looking — and eerie green — cover! Looking at it I’m feeling determined — SOMEDAY my SFF chops too will be polished enough to publish. Congrats on your publication!

  2. Great cover! Hopped on over to your website, too. It looks terrific. Congrats on the novel. I look forward to reading it (along with my teenage sons–this is totally their type of book!).

  3. Awesome cover. It looks radioactive! :D

  4. Excellent cover! Looks like one my son will gravitate to. Yay!

  5. Nick

    Thanks, guys! It’s definitely a book that’s great for boy readers, though not exclusively of course :)

  6. You go, Nick! Covers might actually, sometimes, be the best part.

  7. Natalie Aguirre

    Congrats! Your cover is awesome.

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