Stump the Bookseller

It’s time for another round of Stump the Bookseller, in which you show off your sleuthing skills to help find a particular novel of speculative fiction for young readers. You don’t have to be a bookseller to play, but the winner will be bestowed with the title

Super Bookseller Sleuth

Here are your clues:

  • This YA novel is based on a lesser known french fairy tale
  • Its sequel was just released and another will follow
  • Each book in the series has a color in its title, as does the author’s name

ETA: LaWanica is our new Super Bookseller Sleuth! To see her answer…

White Cat by Holly Black

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5 responses to “Stump the Bookseller

  1. LaWanica

    Is it the Ruby Red trilogy by Kerstin Gier? *Fingers Crossed*

  2. LaWanica

    Aw man… Okay, I’ll go with my other guess which was Holly Black’s Curse Workers Series.

    • Parker Peevyhouse

      That is the series, so the book I’m looking for is WHITE CAT (followed by RED GLOVE and BLACK HEART). Great sleuthing!

      • LaWanica

        Ooh Black Heart! I didn’t know that was the last one. Friday sleuthing is so much better than working. Thanks, Parker. ;-)

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