Goodbye, Lovely Readers

Goodbye Graphic #21You might not be aware that when this blog was created, the original group of posters agreed to keep it going for 843 days exactly. We had done some pretty complicated calculations on the shelf-life of a blog about speculative fiction for teens and pre-teens, with some assistance from several persons (and a robot) who arrived from the future to warn us about impending utopian conditions.

So here we are at Day 843, feeling compelled to say goodbye so that we can enjoy the sudden utopia we have been informed is about to be created on Earth. (We’ve been told there will be free iced coffee and several Harry Potter sequels for everyone.) We’d like to thank you, blog readers, for following us for so long (two and a half years! over 500 posts!). We’ve appreciated your comments and silent visits alike. We feel this has been a great opportunity to explore our thoughts on various topics important to us science fiction- and fantasy-lovers, and to chat with people we otherwise would never had known existed.

We hope that you will continue to visit us on other places on the web so that we can chat about books and hear your recommendations for what we should be reading and share thoughts about writing and publishing. You can find links to our websites here. Thanks, lovely blog readers, and Happy Reading!

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20 responses to “Goodbye, Lovely Readers

  1. Sorry to see you go, but thanks for all the good stuff. I’ve enjoyed it!

  2. Joni

    Bye, us! (And thanks, Dave!)

  3. Wow. Well, that’s one way to be sure you’re never bored — figure out a start/stop date! Thanks for the games of Stump the Bookseller and the thought-provoking conversations.

  4. Oh goodness! I’m sorry to hear this, but thanks so much for the past 843 days!

  5. I’ve been more of a quiety visitor, but I’ve enjoyed reading the posts and replies.
    Thank you all so much! I wish you the best and hope you enjoy utopia. =D

  6. As usual, I’m maybe six weeks behind in my blog reading, but your title caught my eye, so I came here first and I’m glad I did. I think starting a blog on a particular topic with an expiration date is an excellent idea. I will keep that in mind. Well, so long and thanks for all the fish, as they say. I’m going to rush off and read The Spectacle posts I’m behind on.

  7. Natalie Aguirre

    I’m sad you all are quitting. I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Good luck!

  8. Parker Peevyhouse

    It’s very nice of you all to stop in to say a goodbye! I must admit I was joking about an agreement to blog for 843 days. I’m still hoping for a new sequel to Harry Potter, though…

    • Anonymous

      Dang, I thought there was some secret numerology message in that 843, like the hidden url we were moving to or something, and have spent hours trying to puzzle it out… ;)

  9. LaWanica

    All things must come to an end, as the saying goes. :( I have truly enjoyed reading, trolling, and commenting on your wonderful blog. Thanks for providing an insightful gathering place for readers and writers of speculative fiction for youths. This was a rare breed of blog that I will truly miss. Best of luck to all of you!

  10. Can I say that I am honestly mourning right now? This was one of my favorite blogs in all the interwebs. Fantastic content, great people. You will be sorely missed.

  11. This is a sad day. Well, okay, it was a sad day when you announced it and I only just got around to commenting. Thanks for all the great posts, information, and sharing!

  12. Mariel Siscar

    I just started reading this blog. not fair!
    Mariel from Manila

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