Bust a spine! (but you can do better)

The other day, in wishing a fellow author good luck with a project, I was reminded why I don’t like the phrase for such purposes. It smacks of “because you’ll need it!” to me, which isn’t quite the sentiment I had in mind. So I think writers need their own alternative for well-wishes, just as theatre rats have “break a leg.”

I think readers should have one, too. Something you  might say to the friend who’s heading off to the bookstore or library when you want them to find something especially delicious to take home and fall into. Something along the lines of “Back strain!” or “New bifocals!” Not that either would work so well for young readers.

The best I can do for either sentiment, I think, is “Bust a spine!” As in, the book will be so pored over that its poor spine will crack.

But I’m sure many of you will have better ideas. So what are they?

— Joni, who is probably going to need some luck on her current project

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4 responses to “Bust a spine! (but you can do better)

  1. Really? Nobody has a single idea? We’re stuck with “good luck?”

  2. ali

    Ha! I love that, “bust a spine”! I was thinking, dog-eared? Hope you get dog-eared? but, that implies that people will STOP reading to fold down a corner, so … I’m with you on the bust a spine!

    • Oh, maybe not just a saying but a sort of logo! I can totally see “No Dog-ears” in a circle with a slash (like the road signs). Now we just need an artist to create it! :)

  3. Bust a spine sounds good to me!

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